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The Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Should You use a Top Down or Bottom Up Approach?

A Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) or a Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA) are great tools to help develop an effective maintenance strategy. These tools enable organizations to dive down to the failure mode level and develop preventive, predictive, or other tactics to prevent or mitigate failures.
However, there is a struggle that takes place with FMEAs of how much is enough […]
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Ensuring a Clean and Well Functioning CMMS

The Importance of CMMS Refresher Training and Procedures

Many organizations struggle to get the most out of their CMMS for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is poor data quality, poor reporting, or the fact that it was not set up or configured properly during the implementation. As a result of the poor performance of the CMMS, many organization work to implement a new CMMS but end up with the same results. Why […]

The Secret Weapon: Job Kitting

How to Improve Your Storeroom and Technician Efficiency With Job Kitting

Job kitting is a tremendously powerful tool for organizations to improve their efficiency. The efficiency gains come from a reduction in the amount of time the technicians spend waiting at the storeroom, looking for parts and travel time resulting from multiple trips to the storeroom. The storeroom also has efficiency gains, such as fewer trips around the storeroom, as they have a complete list […]
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Are You a Ghost Leader?

How you lead and support maintenance and reliability improvements may cause it’s failure

Have you ever wondered what some leaders and ghosts have in common? Well, I will get to that, but let me paint you a picture. You have been told to start improving the storeroom, so you start by analyzing the performance, identify gaps and finally develop a plan to make the improvement. You share this improvement plan and business case with the senior leadership of the site. You get a resounding “Let’s do it” across the room. […]

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Understanding the SMRP Body of Knowledge

If you have been in maintenance or reliability for a period time, there is little doubt that you haven’t heard about the SMRP Body of Knowledge yet. The SMRP body of knowledge is more than just a document that outline of topics related to maintenance & reliability. It is a framework in which the CMRP exam is based on and can be used as a framework to improve your facility’s performance.

Why understanding and using the Body of Knowledge can accelerate your reliability improvement.

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Operating at Peak Inherent Capability

Why You Cannot Operate Above the Inherent Capability Sustainably

I recently had the opportunity to teach a Body of Knowledge course, which was full of great questions from the students. One of the questions was about inherent vs. actual availability. This had me thinking about the choice that organizations make on how they choose to run their business and more importantly, their resources.

There are many times when a resource is operated at Peak Inherent capability, with the intention of getting the […]

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The Moving Target of Excellence

Why the End of the Maintenance & Reliability Journey Is Never Over

dartboard target aim goal achievement concept

I am often asked, what is the benchmark for a particular KPI.  At first, I would quickly answer the target from the SMRP Best Practices Guide.   Depending on the organization and the maturity, I would either see their faces light up or see them shut down.   If they shut down, what momentum was present, quickly vanished.  If they were meeting the target (and the KPI and supporting data checked out), […]

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A Review of Proper Grease Gun Use

Preventing Contamination During Lubrication

I can remember the first time I was told to grease a bearing.  I ask the millwright “How do I know when there is enough grease?”.  He responded, ” When you see it come out of the sides of the bearing”…  How many of you had this same experience?

During this brief instruction, there was no mention of selecting the right grease, preventing contamination, etc.  So, with this experience in mind, I wanted to provide what I believe […]

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The 9 Indicators of an Effective Lubrication Program

Understanding the Key Components of an Effective Lubrication Program

Lubrication is often overlooked in organizations.  Why it is overlooked, I am unsure.  Maybe it is because it is considered to be a basic job, given to the apprentice, or it is just too simple to not to do it correctly.

However, with a focus on lubrication, many failure mechanisms can be reduced and the equipment life prolonged.  But implementing an effective and world-class lubrication program is not simple.  It requires a dedicated focus to implement […]

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Who Owns Equipment Reliability?

Why maintenance performance alone will not deliver sustainable performance

More than once or twice, I have heard, if we just got the maintenance department sorted out, our OEE would increase.  I have heard this coming from not only operations and management, but also maintenance staff.   While it is true that how effective and efficient the maintenance department is will have a direct impact on the operation’s performance, it is not maintenance alone that will enable success.

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