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The Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Should You use a Top Down or Bottom Up Approach?

A Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) or a Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA) are great tools to help develop an effective maintenance strategy. These tools enable organizations to dive down to the failure mode level and develop preventive, predictive, or other tactics to prevent or mitigate failures.
However, there is a struggle that takes place with FMEAs of how much is enough […]

Using Failure Mode Effects Criticality Analysis as a Reliability Tool

How to use FMECA to drive reliability improvements in your organization

An important part of the Reliability Centered Maintenance process, or used as a standalone approach for less critical assets; the Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis is vital reliability tool.   However, a large percentage of organizations do not take advantage of the tool during the design phase of the asset, or to develop the maintenance strategy once the asset is installed.

Why this tool is not used often, I […]

Insights into Preventive Maintenance Made Simple w/ Doug Stangier

I recently had the pleasure to interview Doug Stangier, co-author of Preventive Maintenance Made Simple.  This is another excellent book in the Made Simple series, published by ReliabilityWeb.  During the interview, Doug not only provides insights into his book but also into what world class Preventive Maintenance looks like.   Anyone new to maintenance and reliability, or seasoned experts can benefit from this great book.  Without further delay, here is the interview with Doug.

James: It is my pleasure to interview a fellow Canadian.  Welcome Doug […]

Is Your PM Worth Doing? Use a PM Cost Benefit Analysis to Find Out

How To Determine If The PM Activity Being Performed Is Worth Doing

Would you spend $100 every week to prevent a possible issue that will result in a loss of $10?  Probably not, so why is that we do that with our maintenance programs every single day?  Often, PM and PdM activities are put into place without any thought to the economic impact of the activity.  While in theory the PM or PdM activities will prevent or mitigate the consequences of the failure, is implementing one of these activities the right thing to […]

Establishing the Frequency of Failure Finding Maintenance Inspections

Preventing The Consequences Of A Hidden Failure From Devastating Your Organization.

Ever wonder how some of the worst industrial disasters occur?  It is usually the result of multiple failures.  Failure of the primary system and failure of the protective systems.   Ensuring the protective system(s) are not in a failed state should be of utmost importance to any organization.  But how often should we test the protective systems to ensure the required availability?

Establishing the correct frequencies of the inspection/ testing activities of these protective system(s) is critical to not only the success but safety […]