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Who Owns Equipment Reliability?

Why maintenance performance alone will not deliver sustainable performance

More than once or twice, I have heard, if we just got the maintenance department sorted out, our OEE would increase.  I have heard this coming from not only operations and management, but also maintenance staff.   While it is true that how effective and efficient the maintenance department is will have a direct impact on the operation’s performance, it is not maintenance alone that will enable success.

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Building a Recommended Course of Action

How to Translate an Assessment into an Action Plan

An assessment was performed and many opportunities identified, but it has been three months, and nothing has changed.   Does this sound familiar?  As discussed in a previous post, the goal of an assessment is to identify gap to best practices and provide the basis to develop a plan to move forward.   However, many times an assessment is performed, the results put into a binder and put on the shelf (does this sound like your RCM initiative?).

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10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Next Maintenance Assessment

Assessments are a key tool for driving sustainable improvements in you Maintenance, Reliability, or Asset Management program.

When you hear the work assessment or audit, does it send shivers down your spine?  Do you envision a week or two of some “expert” digging through your data, processes, and performance, looking to get you in trouble for something you did or didn’t do?

While some audits may be to find issues or wrongdoing, most assessments should be viewed as a key activity to improving your […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Proactive Maintenance

“Ensuring our Assets are managed in the most cost effective manner”

Proactive maintenance is key to successful organizations’ long-term strategies for managing costs and equipment.  Using modeling, analyses and audits in conjunction with proactive maintenance measures can ensure smoother operations, resulting in less downtime and money saved.

Proactive maintenance is usually reserved for those organizations who have worked their way up from being reactive and fire fighting. […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Performance

“If we don’t measure it, it does not really exist.” 

I am not sure where the quote originated. Maybe it was derived from other very similar quotes that I have found through my research, but I did not create it and do not remember where I heard it and do not take credit for it. Nonetheless, it is a very true statement.

This article is the continuing efforts to uncover the ever-elusive gem called Asset Management. I did not choose the reference of a “gem” […]

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