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The Moving Target of Excellence

Why the End of the Maintenance & Reliability Journey Is Never Over

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I am often asked, what is the benchmark for a particular KPI.  At first, I would quickly answer the target from the SMRP Best Practices Guide.   Depending on the organization and the maturity, I would either see their faces light up or see them shut down.   If they shut down, what momentum was present, quickly vanished.  If they were meeting the target (and the KPI and supporting data checked out), […]

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Using Governance & Accountability To Improve

How to Drive Performance Improvements in your Organization

Oftentimes, plans and strategies are developed and implemented.  Many times the implementation is handed off and the team left on their own to implement.  And many of the times, the implementation fails or the results are not delivered.

Why is this?  It is because there is a lack of governance and accountability.  These are more than just words.  They are a system, process and a sense of ownership throughout the organization to ensure that the plan is implemented and any roadblocks are dealt with.

What is Governance?

Governance can be […]

Be Prepared: Have a Plan

Without a Plan, You’ll Never Get Where You Are Trying To Go

Image going for a vacation, but you don’t have a destination in mind, directions to the destination, or any funds allocated for the trip.  What kind of vacation will you have?  Chances are it won’t be a good one.

The importance of a plan cannot be understated.  Without a plan in any aspect of life, business or reliability, achieving goals are difficult, if not impossible.   Oftentimes organizations implement tactical activities, without a strategic plan.  This ad-hoc approach often results in certain […]

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Are You Driving The Wrong Behaviours?

Use a Balanced Scorecard to Ensure the Right Behaviours are Embedded in Your Organization

This post is the third of a miniseries on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). If you haven’t already, please go back and read the first post on what is a KPI and the second post on leading Vs Lagging KPIs.

seesawAs already discussed, KPIs can be a great tool to measure progress, predict future performance and hold personnel and teams accountable. In order to use KPIs to accomplish these objectives, the KPIs need to be aligned with […]

Leading & Lagging KPIs, What Is The Difference?

Using Leading & Lagging KPIs Can Make The Difference In Driving Performance, By Allowing You To See Into The Future.

This is the second part of a mini series on Key Performance Indicators. If you haven’t already please read the first post of this series on KPIs.

KPIs are often used to measure the past performance of a process, but did you know that they can be used to see into the future and predict the performance of the organization?

22. FutureKPIs can be used to measure past performance, or predict future […]