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The Moving Target of Excellence

Why the End of the Maintenance & Reliability Journey Is Never Over

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I am often asked, what is the benchmark for a particular KPI.  At first, I would quickly answer the target from the SMRP Best Practices Guide.   Depending on the organization and the maturity, I would either see their faces light up or see them shut down.   If they shut down, what momentum was present, quickly vanished.  If they were meeting the target (and the KPI and supporting data checked out), […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Performance

“If we don’t measure it, it does not really exist.” 

I am not sure where the quote originated. Maybe it was derived from other very similar quotes that I have found through my research, but I did not create it and do not remember where I heard it and do not take credit for it. Nonetheless, it is a very true statement.

This article is the continuing efforts to uncover the ever-elusive gem called Asset Management. I did not choose the reference of a “gem” […]

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Be Prepared: Have a Plan

Without a Plan, You’ll Never Get Where You Are Trying To Go

Image going for a vacation, but you don’t have a destination in mind, directions to the destination, or any funds allocated for the trip.  What kind of vacation will you have?  Chances are it won’t be a good one.

The importance of a plan cannot be understated.  Without a plan in any aspect of life, business or reliability, achieving goals are difficult, if not impossible.   Oftentimes organizations implement tactical activities, without a strategic plan.  This ad-hoc approach often results in certain […]

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