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The Secret Weapon: Job Kitting

How to Improve Your Storeroom and Technician Efficiency With Job Kitting

Job kitting is a tremendously powerful tool for organizations to improve their efficiency. The efficiency gains come from a reduction in the amount of time the technicians spend waiting at the storeroom, looking for parts and travel time resulting from multiple trips to the storeroom. The storeroom also has efficiency gains, such as fewer trips around the storeroom, as they have a complete list […]

Using Reliability Analysis to Determine Spares Stocking

How to use an FMECA or RCM Analysis to Determine What Spares to Stock

Determining which parts of stock can be a very overwhelming process.  As such, many choose to blindly accept the OEM or Manufacturer’s recommendations.  And why shouldn’t they?  The OEM has many years of experience in building these types of assets and supplying spares, right?

One of the common issues with following the OEM recommended spare part lists, is that there are often there are parts that may not be used, […]

Who Owns the Storeroom? Maintenance or Procurement?

Understanding who owns the storeroom processes and stocking strategy

There are two different perspectives on the maintenance storeroom.  These perspectives are on who owns the operation of the storeroom.  Some believe that Maintenance owns the storeroom and the operation of it.  Others believe it is Procurement, or potentially Logistics or Warehousing.  Some organizations require the storerooms to be operated by a consistent group, while others leave it up to the site.

Regardless […]

Plant Hexcellence™ – Plant

Plant Hexcellence™ – Plant

In the previous article describing the Plant Hexcellence™ model, we started with people and just as we said that all change starts with the people, the purpose of that change revolves around the plant or assets themselves. Inherent with having a manufacturing company has a manufacturing site and equipment to create the widget or product you are selling. Without the plant, there is no need for the people or any change.

The Plant Cell encompasses more than just physical assets–it also includes the methods, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies you’ll employ […]

The Top 5 Signs That Your Storeroom is Broken

A simple way to see how effective your storeroom is at providing the right part, at the right time, in the right quantity.

Storerooms are a critical part of any maintenance and reliability program, but they are often overlooked.   When a storeroom is operating at best in class levels, the right parts are available at the right time.   The storeroom is only able to achieve this when it its into the maintenance department.

As a result, I am often asked how to evaluate and improve the storeroom and its service level. […]