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Understanding the SMRP Body of Knowledge

If you have been in maintenance or reliability for a period time, there is little doubt that you haven’t heard about the SMRP Body of Knowledge yet. The SMRP body of knowledge is more than just a document that outline of topics related to maintenance & reliability. It is a framework in which the CMRP exam is based on and can be used as a framework to improve your facility’s performance.

Why understanding and using the Body of Knowledge can accelerate your reliability improvement.

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Operating at Peak Inherent Capability

Why You Cannot Operate Above the Inherent Capability Sustainably

I recently had the opportunity to teach a Body of Knowledge course, which was full of great questions from the students. One of the questions was about inherent vs. actual availability. This had me thinking about the choice that organizations make on how they choose to run their business and more importantly, their resources.

There are many times when a resource is operated at Peak Inherent capability, with the intention of getting the […]

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The Moving Target of Excellence

Why the End of the Maintenance & Reliability Journey Is Never Over

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I am often asked, what is the benchmark for a particular KPI.  At first, I would quickly answer the target from the SMRP Best Practices Guide.   Depending on the organization and the maturity, I would either see their faces light up or see them shut down.   If they shut down, what momentum was present, quickly vanished.  If they were meeting the target (and the KPI and supporting data checked out), […]

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Learning to Crawl, Before You Can Walk and Run

Some Insights into the Current Status of Maintenance & Reliability Fundamentals

Let’s face it, we as engineers, maintenance staff, etc. all love technology and the newest gadget.  Our industry is never short of these new and shiny techniques, tools, sensors, etc.  Now, this new tech can lead to significant improvements in availability, OEE, or uptime.  But these are not the silver bullets many claim them to be… especially if the foundational elements are not in place.

I had […]

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Striking the Right Balance of Costs

How to Balance the Cost of Maintenance

There is not a single maintenance department that I am aware of that has an unlimited budget.  If you are aware of one, please let me know as I would love to see if it is successful or not.

Since most of us do not have an unlimited maintenance budget, we need to be smart about how we spend our maintenance money.  Therefore there needs to be a balance and well […]

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