Ensuring a Clean and Well Functioning CMMS

The Importance of CMMS Refresher Training and Procedures

Many organizations struggle to get the most out of their CMMS for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is poor data quality, poor reporting, or the fact that it was not set up or configured properly during the implementation. As a result of the poor performance of the CMMS, many organization work to implement a new CMMS but end up with the same results. Why […]

The Importance of Documentation in Precision Maintenance

Why Proper Documentation Will Lead to Sustainable Improvements

Imagine being able to look back and see what settings the equipment was last ran at for a particular SKU. Or being able to look back at the last three alignment inspections and see that slowly the alignment is drifting. What could you do with this type of information? You could perform Root Cause Analysis to see why the alignment is drifting, or trend the drifting to know when it will be out of acceptable tolerances.

Having the right information is critical to making informed decisions […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Plant

Plant Hexcellence™ – Plant

In the previous article describing the Plant Hexcellence™ model, we started with people and just as we said that all change starts with the people, the purpose of that change revolves around the plant or assets themselves. Inherent with having a manufacturing company has a manufacturing site and equipment to create the widget or product you are selling. Without the plant, there is no need for the people or any change.

The Plant Cell encompasses more than just physical assets–it also includes the methods, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies you’ll employ […]

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Linking Failure Codes To A Proactive Maintenance Strategy

Using Failure Data to Drive Sustainable Improvements

If you are lucky enough to have good failure data history in your CMMS, you are one of the few.  But even if you have the data, can you use it to make a difference to your organization?  Obviously, the data can be used to perform certain reliability engineering analyses, but what can those without reliability engineering experience do with the data?

Bad Actor / Pareto Analysis

Two simple analysis that anyone can use with their failure history are;

  • A Bad Actor analysis is identifying equipment that is […]
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Collecting Failure Data: A Practical Approach

How to collect the failure data needed to drive improved plant performance.

The first step to any reliability improvement program is to define what data or information will be required to drive defect elimination.  In the previous posts, the following topics were discussed;

All of the topics discussed what data is required and how to structure the data to implement a reliability engineering program or defect elimination process.   Understanding the what, when and why set up and is required to setup a reliability engineering […]

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