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Are You a Ghost Leader?

How you lead and support maintenance and reliability improvements may cause it’s failure

Have you ever wondered what some leaders and ghosts have in common? Well, I will get to that, but let me paint you a picture. You have been told to start improving the storeroom, so you start by analyzing the performance, identify gaps and finally develop a plan to make the improvement. You share this improvement plan and business case with the senior leadership of the site. You get a resounding “Let’s do it” across the room. […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – People

Plant Hexcellence™ drives culture change.  People drive sustainability.

We as employers, hire employees but what shows up every morning are people. They carry with them baggage, but the same things that create the imperfect person, also are the same things that give them strength, integrity, loyalty, and ingenuity.

It was not an accident that the top and most prominent position of the model is People. Success or failure of your company/organization all starts with your people (if you haven’t read the book by Cliff Williams, titled “People – A Reliability Success Story,” you […]

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9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Maintenance Conference

How to Ensure Your Attendance at A Conference Delivers An ROI

As the kids go back to school, maintenance, reliability, and asset management professional resume their professional learning.  This learning usually takes place at one of the numerous world-class conferences available across North America and internationally.  These conferences allow professionals to observe and connect with the latest tools, technology, and techniques in our amazing professional.

Sometimes it is difficult for the maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals to get […]

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Using Simplified Technical English to Write Effective Maintenance Procedures

Reduce the Variability in Your Work Routines and Procedures

Based on our understanding of the six failure patterns, we can see that there is a large probability of failure when the equipment is first installed and started up.   One of the Englisch causes of this increase in probability is the fact that the equipment was not installed or maintained correctly.  This may be due to the installer or maintainer not using or following procedures.  Having procedures is the first step to reducing these failures, but the procedures must be written in a clear, […]

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The Importance of a Learning Culture

Ensuring Performance and Long Term Sustainability of Your Maintenance & Reliability Program

Imagine working in an organization that does not provide training or has zero tolerance to taking a risk, trying something new and failing.   Or it is expected that you have all of the answers and do not need any assistance ever.   Sound familiar?  If it does, how is the performance of your plant?   Chances are it is not as good as it could be.   This example is great at illustrating what a learning culture does not look like.

“A learning culture […]

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