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A Review of Proper Grease Gun Use

Preventing Contamination During Lubrication

I can remember the first time I was told to grease a bearing.  I ask the millwright “How do I know when there is enough grease?”.  He responded, ” When you see it come out of the sides of the bearing”…  How many of you had this same experience?

During this brief instruction, there was no mention of selecting the right grease, preventing contamination, etc.  So, with this experience in mind, I wanted to provide what I believe […]

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The 9 Indicators of an Effective Lubrication Program

Understanding the Key Components of an Effective Lubrication Program

Lubrication is often overlooked in organizations.  Why it is overlooked, I am unsure.  Maybe it is because it is considered to be a basic job, given to the apprentice, or it is just too simple to not to do it correctly.

However, with a focus on lubrication, many failure mechanisms can be reduced and the equipment life prolonged.  But implementing an effective and world-class lubrication program is not simple.  It requires a dedicated focus to implement […]

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Taking Lubrication to The Next Level with Acoustic Lubrication

Using Acoustic Lubrication Techniques to Provide the Right Amount of Grease at The Right Time

Every Thursday a mechanic grabs the grease gun and proceeds perform a lube route.  Throughout the route, the mechanic pushes the grease gun onto the zerk and pumps grease into the bearing housing.  Below the housing, there is a trail of grease leading to a small pile of old grease.   The mechanic proceeds to the next machine and attempts to lubricate a bearing.  However, no matter how hard […]

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