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Get Stuff Done: Utilizing a Workshop Approach to Educate, Decide and Plan

How a properly plan and utilized workshop can move your reliability program forward.

Business Strategic Planning Framework Diagram

Many organizations often struggle to move plans forward.  This may be due to the decision-making process and the people involved in the process.  Often times the various decision makers are scattered across the company and may be distracted by issues in the plant.   In other circumstances, the organization may know what the end goal is, but may not be aware of how to get there.

By properly developing and delivering a workshop with an experienced facilitator, […]

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Using Governance & Accountability To Improve

How to Drive Performance Improvements in your Organization

Oftentimes, plans and strategies are developed and implemented.  Many times the implementation is handed off and the team left on their own to implement.  And many of the times, the implementation fails or the results are not delivered.

Why is this?  It is because there is a lack of governance and accountability.  These are more than just words.  They are a system, process and a sense of ownership throughout the organization to ensure that the plan is implemented and any roadblocks are dealt with.

What is Governance?

Governance can be […]

Driving Performance Outcomes Through Effective Meetings

Understand How Effective Meetings Can Enable Improved Plant Performance

400StockMarketChartsNothing is worse than being in a meeting that completely wastes your time.  Hopefully those meetings have been eliminated as part of the steps to making you, the maintenance professional, more effective.  For the meetings that you could not eliminate, the meetings need to be effective, reducing wasted time and delivering benefits to the business.

To make meetings effective, the meetings should follow the 3 phases of effective meetings.  The 3 phases ensure that meetings are effective, efficient and everyone knows what they are there […]

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