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Understanding the Importance of Machine Bases

How to ensure your assets are on a solid foundation

Installing an asset is a critical step that can impact reliability short term and long term.  Often times assets are installed without much thought.  They are thrown on the machine base, anchors drilled and away the operation goes.

But while focusing on the Installation – Potential Failure – Failure curve, it becomes obvious that time and precision during the installation point can greatly extend the life of the […]

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Using Simplified Technical English to Write Effective Maintenance Procedures

Reduce the Variability in Your Work Routines and Procedures

Based on our understanding of the six failure patterns, we can see that there is a large probability of failure when the equipment is first installed and started up.   One of the Englisch causes of this increase in probability is the fact that the equipment was not installed or maintained correctly.  This may be due to the installer or maintainer not using or following procedures.  Having procedures is the first step to reducing these failures, but the procedures must be written in a clear, […]

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The P-F Curve Revisited

Understanding The Importance of Proper Equipment Installation

There has been much discussion (and often debate) around the P-F curve.  The P-F curve illustrates the relationship between the warning signs that are detectable by various technology or methods and the progression of the failure.   What is often not discussed and overlooked, is what happens before the equipment starts to deteriorate.

If the ultimate goal of an organization is to be proactive and ensure equipment uptime, wouldn’t the organization want to prevent the equipment from failing in the first place and not catch it after it […]

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