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Ensuring Equipment Doesn’t Grow Out of Alignment

Understanding & Compensating for Thermal Growth

A major asset is being installed, and the asset is vital to the success of a brand new, high-profit product being introduced to the site.  This product is enough to keep the site operational for many years to come.  The installation of the asset is critical, and there is extensive prep work to eliminate soft foot, ensuring the base is flat (using geometric measurement) and that the asset is aligned properly.

Shortly after the installation is […]

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Understanding Soft Foot and How to Correct It

Ensure Your Precision Alignment Program Is On The Right Foot.

Imagine (or maybe you don’t have to) that you take out your brand new Easy-Laser system, and proceed to perform a shaft alignment.  However, it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t get a great alignment.  What is going on?  The foundation looks good, new shims were used, the asset is clean, and there is no pipe strain.  After some discussion with others, they mention a term in which you are […]

The 7 Steps to Proper Machinery Alignment

How to Ensure Your Assets are Installed to Prevent Premature Failure

How many times has an asset been installed or commissioned, only to have it fail in a few days or months when it should have lasted even longer?  If you look at the study by Nowlan & Heap, they have found that only 11% of failures are age related, so when is happening with these assets?  The answer… comes down to poor installation practices.

There have been a […]

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The P-F Curve Revisited

Understanding The Importance of Proper Equipment Installation

There has been much discussion (and often debate) around the P-F curve.  The P-F curve illustrates the relationship between the warning signs that are detectable by various technology or methods and the progression of the failure.   What is often not discussed and overlooked, is what happens before the equipment starts to deteriorate.

If the ultimate goal of an organization is to be proactive and ensure equipment uptime, wouldn’t the organization want to prevent the equipment from failing in the first place and not catch it after it […]

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Where Does Maintenance Fit Into Reliability?

Maintenance Provides the Key Function of Preserving

9994624755_30d39c68be_zWith the design FMEA complete, the equipment should have high inherent reliability.  The equipment can then be installed in the plant, and provide a high level of performance to the business, at least initially.  This is where Maintenance comes in.  Maintenance can enable a low Life Cycle Cost, by preserving the reliability of the equipment.

Definition of Maintenance

According to the Professional’s Guide to Maintenance & Reliability terminology, maintenance is “all actions necessary for retaining an item in, […]

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