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The Importance of Master Data in Spare Parts Management

Enabling Storeroom Success Through Data

DataHow often does your facility run out of raw materials?  Chances are it is not very often, if ever.  Why is this?  It may be because the organization has invested heavily in gathering the right data, analyzing and developing contracts for the materials.  This prior work ensures a steady supply of materials.

So why is it that within the same organization there is virtually no data to support the spare parts?  Not having a spare part can dramatically impact an organization in the same way as not having raw […]

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Standards? We Don’t Need No Stinking Standards

How Your Organization Can Benefit from Standardization

qtq80-zXIPOWImagine if every day you had to relearn a process or use a different CMMS.  Chances are you would get virtually nothing accomplished, leaving your plant operating poorly.   Now we all know that we having to relearn a process every day or using a new CMMS is not practical nor is it rooted in reality (not to be confused with the Rooted in Reliability podcast).  But this type of thing happens more often than you may think.

When people change positions in an organization, the […]

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The Next Step in Your Failure Data

Improve your failure data to improve the speed and accuracy of your failure & reliability analysis.

24254846213_6b6950bbbd_mA few years into your reliability journey, you start to struggle to make the improvements you were able to when you first started.  Why is this?  You were able to systematically eliminate all of the low hanging fruit using the existing data in your CMMS.  But now you have to dig deeper to realize the improvements and that requires better data.

As Fred discussed in the previous post, A Mean Cumulative Failure Analysis can be another powerful tool […]

Speaking the Same Maintenance & Reliability Language

The Importance of Understanding the Terms and Definitions of the Maintenance & Reliability Language

4759535950_7bca6684c8_zImagine being asked to discuss a breakdown during a production meeting.  Only you are not aware of a breakdown, but production is claiming there was one and it could have been prevented by some Preventative Maintenance.  You ask what equipment the breakdown was on and check the records.   The records show there was a minor corrective action on the equipment last night, but not a breakdown.

After some discussion, the production manager explains that there was a […]

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Leverage the Data within Your CMMS

Unlock the Potential of Your CMMS by Accessing the Data Within

gold-5If you have properly selected and implemented your CMMS, you have the ability to truly make significant improvements in your operation.  This is made a reality by using the data within the CMMS to make data driven decisions instead of intuition or feelings.  This ensures the business resources are spent on the most important and strategic issues for the business.

In order to leverage the data within your CMMS, you have to ensure the data can be captured and reported easily.  This is […]

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