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Plant Hexcellence™ – Policy & Procedures

Meeting all of the regulatory and compliance requirements

This article is the 4th in a series of articles. The series documents the continuing journey and quest for a guide to Manufacturing Excellence. The frame we are using to guide or lead us through this journey is the proprietary model called Plant Hexcellence™.  As we were discussing in the last issue, the Processes Cell is used to visually map out the flow through a procedure or methodology. We also discussed the connection between the Processes cell and the Policy and Procedures cell.

Turning to the P&P […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Processes

Plant Hexcellence™ – Processes

This is the third installment of six in the Plant Hexcellence exploration journey. The first two articles addressing both the “People” and the “Plant” cells with the corresponding facets.

All of the cells are interrelated and that is what brings the Asset Management strategy full circle, but there are some facets that need to be discussed specifically and how they interrelate.  We will be talking about Policy & Procedure in the next issue, but Processes have so much inter-dependency with that cell that it requires a brief discussion now. […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Plant

Plant Hexcellence™ – Plant

In the previous article describing the Plant Hexcellence™ model, we started with people and just as we said that all change starts with the people, the purpose of that change revolves around the plant or assets themselves. Inherent with having a manufacturing company has a manufacturing site and equipment to create the widget or product you are selling. Without the plant, there is no need for the people or any change.

The Plant Cell encompasses more than just physical assets–it also includes the methods, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies you’ll employ […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – People

Plant Hexcellence™ drives culture change.  People drive sustainability.

We as employers, hire employees but what shows up every morning are people. They carry with them baggage, but the same things that create the imperfect person, also are the same things that give them strength, integrity, loyalty, and ingenuity.

It was not an accident that the top and most prominent position of the model is People. Success or failure of your company/organization all starts with your people (if you haven’t read the book by Cliff Williams, titled “People – A Reliability Success Story,” you […]

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The Plant Hexcellence™ Model

An Asset Management Model that Drives Operational Excellence

Many strive to achieve Operational Excellence (OpEx) but never quite reach their goals. You have to ask yourself why? There are many reasons, and that alone could be a whole series of articles, but most prominent is that they do not have a vision or model of Operational Excellence that meets their business needs or is “Fit for Purpose”. Most really don’t understand operational excellence and what it truly means. They attach themselves to one specific component like LEAN or Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and […]

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