Building Profitable Businesses Thought Maintenance & Reliability Cultures

We believe one man can make a change, but it takes a team to sustain a culture. Increased profits and reliability begins with your team and the culture you’ve built within your organization.

Your team will only be as effective as the culture that you’ve built allows them to be. Our focus is on helping you build a world-class maintenance & reliability community within your organization that increase profitability, productivity, and creates world-class discipline.


Design For Reliability – Building A Solid Foundation That Supports Prosperous Maintenance & Reliability Communities

Our design for reliability makes industry a better place; where individuals and manufacturers possess the resources, knowledge and discipline to break the reactive cycle and boost profitability. Eruditio, LLC is focused on providing your team with the essential skills needed to implement and sustain a world-class Reliability & Maintenance culture.

We structure all improvements with our Eruditio, LLC Model (HPRM). Built from years of on-the-floor training and first-hand experience with world-class maintenance & reliability communities across the globe.

We’ll show you how our HPRM model will strengthen your maintenance & reliability culture and increase profitability for your business.  Throughout this site you will find the very same resources we’ve personally used to manage and operate Fortune 500 companies maintenance & reliability operations around the world.

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Effectiveness & Efficiency: Two Keys To Building A Profitability Through Maintenance & Reliability

Minimize Life Cycle Costs by Addressing Effectiveness & Efficiency

Whether or not you want to achieve ISO 55000 certification, you need to address the effectiveness & efficiency of your maintenance strategy to be profitable.  ISO 55000 is a standard designed to take you to the next level and to ensure an operation optimally and sustainably manages its asset and asset systems, to create maximum value for the business.  The standard identifies that a business must have the proper standards, policies and procedure to;

  • specifies & design new assets
  • procure & build new assets
  • operate & maintain assets
  • decommissions & disposes of assets

This reduces the Life Cycle Cost of the asset.  Providing maximum value to the business, the shareholders, the employees and the communities.

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