Tried & True Resources For Boosting Profitability And Building Reliability & Maintenance Cultures

I’ve included this resource page for those serious about building Reliability & Maintenance cultures. If you can’t find what you’re looking for within this website, I’ve included some of my personal favorites that have helped me for over a decade succeed in my day-to-day routines.

Highly Recommended Resources That Get Results

If you look at nothing else on this page, make sure you check out these five incredible Reliability & Maintenance resources. I reference these resources constantly, in emails, blogs and projects. I use these because they have shown me huge results, and I’m confident they will do the same for you.

Written by the expert Doc Palmer, this book is the ultimate authority in Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.  With details on all aspects of Planning, Scheduling, Shutdowns and Performance Management, this is the go to resource for everything Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.  Included are deep dives on specific topics such as part staging, level of detail in a job plan,  time estimates and CMMS.




Need an understanding of all topics in the Maintenance & Reliability Field?  Look no further.  This books covers everything to build a successful Maintenance & Reliability function at your site.  From Culture & Leadership to Storerooms, Equipment Design, Workforce Management and Continuous Improvement.  This book has it all.




Need to drive a change in your organization?  Why is it that come changes are successful?  This resource provides an easy to use model to help create change in an organization and make it stick.  Identifying barrier to change and providing targeted actions in each stage of the model, a change agent can easily implement and follow through on any change.



Need to understand how equipment fails and how to develop an effective equipment strategy? This is the go to resource in understanding equipment failures patterns and how to develop effective measures to mitigate the consequence of the failures. Originally developed by the aviation industry, you too can learn the secrets to maximizing reliability at your operation.



One of the best ways to bring about change in an organization is to gain the trust of your staff and be an authentic leader.  80 years after its release, this book continues to remain a timeless classic.  Learn the techniques and principles of becoming a friendlier person, winning people to your way of thinking and finally becoming a leader your staff trusts.



More Helpful Resources


ISO 14224: Collection and Exchange of Reliability and Maintenance Data for Equipment: An absolute must have when establishing equipment data standards, implementing a CMMS/EAM systems and when establishing a meaningful failure coding system

ANSI Store: The one stop shop for all technical standards including ISO 55000 Asset Management, ISO 31000 Risk Management, Machine Safety Standards, PdM standards and many more.

Professional Societies

PEMAC – Plant Engineering & Maintenance Association of Canada

SMRP – Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals


ULTIMATE PMP® CourseThis course includes concepts of project management; covering 10 project management areas and 5 process management groups defined by Project Management Institute (PMI) and compliant with Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK5).  It is a great introduction to Project Management, and for preparing for the PMP certification.


Lean Maintenance: Uncover waste in your maintenance department, design projects to address the waste and deliver the bottom line savings to your operations.

Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management, Second Edition: Provides insight into successful strategies in Maintenance.  Included is a self assessment, that enables you to identify where you need to focus.

Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence: The book models best practices from multiple organizations and demonstrates how you can improve the profitability at your operation.

Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers: A great reference for engineers, managers and any other maintenance professional to address issues in the Maintenance & Reliability field.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: Need a way to manage all of your work and tasks, while not forgetting anything or feeling overwhelmed?  This is a simple, easy to system to ensure you accomplish what you need to.

Resource Sites

Lifetime Reliability: A great resource site with a tremendous amount of information on many topics in Maintenance and Reliability.  They also have a framework for implementing  a process for outstanding equipment reliability and maximum life cycle profits.

Barringer & Associates: Leaders in Reliability Engineering and Analytics.  Need training, resources or consulting in Reliability Engineering?  Look no further.


MRO Guy Podcast: What is a better way to stay current on Maintenance and Spare Parts trends than a podcast? You can stay up to date while you drive into your operation.  Learn about the latest trends and the go to people.

Professionals Services

GGR Associates: GGR was formed in 1991 and since then has carried out performance improvement work for more than 100 organisations – most of them large, household-name companies.  Developers of the Fast Track RCM methodology, they are experts in delivering performance improvements to your operation.

Scientific Management Techniques: Delivers two solutions to address the skills shortage. 1) A non-written, non-verbal, task oriented skills assessment machines and 2) Demand-driven targeted skills training program.  I can’t think of a better way to ensure you hire the right people and provide the right training to them.


Michael Hyatt: Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of task you have in a day?  Don’t have time to make small improvements now for the future?  Michael Hyatt has practical tips, tools and techniques to improve your productivity, dis-engage from the non-value added tasks and focus on what will make you successful.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]