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We don’t believe in doing everything for our clients.  Our clients need to be willing to become owners in their organization’s maintenance and reliability.  Consulting and training is only part of the journey that we walk with our clients.   Building competence in your staff is a key step in the journey which enables us to step aside, allowing your team to sustain and further improve the changes made in maintenance and reliability.  This ensures you receive maximum value for every dollar spent.

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

How much does inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and overall maintenance actually cost your businesses bottom line?

Improve Your Profitability

Roughly double. Over 45% of your maintenance staff’s time is wasted.  We teach you how to sustainably lower “extra” time losses.

Storeroom & Spare Parts Management

Does your storeroom’s stockpile run on “common sense” or is it based specifically on proven data?

Improve Your Cash Flow

Using a data driven, analytic approach generates significant savings in your storeroom without introducing risk.

Fast Track RCM

Have you considered all the factors? Does your preventative maintenance practices fail to deliver consistently high plant performances?

Plant Performance Improvement Process

Fast Track RCM is as rigorous as Classic RCM yet easier and quicker to apply while extending its ability to significantly raise performance levels.

Maintenance Strategy Development

Are your maintenance strategies developed with your current business goals in mind?

Align Your Strategy With The Business

Aligning your businesses goals and strategies can improve performance while reducing cost and risk.

Our Other Services

Eruditio, LLC focuses on what we believe are the fundamentals to any good maintenance and reliability program.  We enable our clients to be successful with these fundamentals through a variety of different mediums.

Why Choose Us

  • An SMRP-approved provider with over 13 years experience
  • Experience across multiple industries from food and beverage, to manufacturing, to stamping
  • Providing proven industry-leading material ready to be implemented today
  • Scalable pricing options to match service to your specific needs
  • Bring profitability back to your industry

What Clients Say

As you know I have learned a lot since I met you and definitely understand what the role of a Planner is.

The Planners training allowed me to see what others are doing to meet World Class. It helped me to grasp what a well-planned job requires.

I saw how the complete planning process flows from the SAP standpoint and how all aspects of the jobs are captured from notification to reporting.

This experience has helped me to be more effective in my role, which is essential to the business goals and keeping the equipment reliable.

I have also been able to support my team members more effectively and cut out some of the wasted time during jobs.

Kirk T - Maintenance Planner
The visit in December was also beneficial to our site. Having the complete team understand what each role plays in the department helped in clearing up any gray areas.

We were able to lay out what was being done and find the gaps. We have since made several changes to our procedures to include implementing the PM Review, Daily Prioritization, and also some changes to the Planning & Scheduling Meetings.

Our focus has been to create BOM’s, Task Lists, Maintenance Plans, Stores Management, and Cost Reporting. The crafts are now entering comments on WO close outs as well.

They are also now entering work notifications from PM’s they perform with recommendations for further repairs needed.

A project plan is being developed from all the findings to help us make the continued journey. There is no doubt in my mind that I can successfully be an asset in my role.
I want to thank you for the confidence you helped me to gain in this role, truly knowledge is power.

John S - Maintenance Planner
James is one of the best resources globally and a subject matter expert in anything related to Maintenance & Reliability. He utilizes his skillset to bring real solutions to our operation and improve our performance. Here’s a few examples:

i) In 2014 he helped a site create their Plan to improve their asset care program. A recent audit confirmed they improved by 10 points. James completed his intervention with the site by building their roadmap to World class over the next 2 years.

ii) James initiated a workshop between maintenance planners and conducted WebEx between maintenance storerooms from each location to standardize best practices. As a result we’ve seen an increase in planned maintenance activities and a $1M in cost savings or cost avoidance in our spare part purchases. Thank you James!

Gerald P - VP of Operations

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