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Optimizing Your Storeroom

Using a Kaizen Approach to Improve Your Storeroom

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No storeroom is perfect, well at least of those I have seen.  The process of improving is never ending.  A common term for this process of continuous improvement is Kaizen.   The Kaizen activity is often seen on the plant floor, either the form of a blitz, in which a tremendous amount of resources are thrown at an issue or an area.  The other is a systematic approach, in which a small amount of improvement is achieved each day.

These same approaches can be […]

The Storeroom Layout: Setting Up Yourself For Success

Proper Storeroom Layout Will Enable Long-Term Success

qtq80-aSBccDYou begin your day by looking for a part in the storeroom.   You are looking for a common bearing used on multiple pieces of equipment on the site.   You look up the part in the CMMS and it does not have a bin number associated with it.  You walk into the storeroom and beginning going through the “bearing section”.  Only the bearing is not there.  You wander over the equipment section and find it buried in the equipment specific drawer, but you know that […]

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