5 Days to a Reliability Culture

What You Can Do To Foster a Reliability Culture At Your Operation

Reliability Culture is like Clockwork © William Warby

Improving reliability is easier said than done. Often times you can develop great PM routines, improve equipment and have the right processes in place, but reliability doesn’t improve. Why is that? It all comes down to people. People are the heart of reliability, whether they run the equipment or maintain it.

Changing people’s perception of reliability can be a very difficult task. So where do we start? When trying to implement such […]

Do You Make This Critical Mistake? Find Out If You Are Contributing to Reactivity


What is the one thing that all operations have? If you guessed a breakdown hero or fire fighter, you are correct. You know the person who swoops in like superman and repairs a machine quickly. These breakdown heroes are the people who reduce the time to repair, but do they contribute to or reduce the reactivity of the site?

I remember praising an electrician […]

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See How Easily You Can Succeed in Reliability: 7 Critical Steps in Making Reliability a Way of Life

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ChangeWhy is it that Reliability Programs often fail and are not sustained? Bringing about such a change in a large organization is often one of the most difficult tasks that we undertake. This undertaking requires a shift in mindset and in the ways people work. People love the status quo and are often afraid of the change. We must show them that there is nothing to be afraid […]