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Insights into Preventive Maintenance Made Simple w/ Doug Stangier

I recently had the pleasure to interview Doug Stangier, co-author of Preventive Maintenance Made Simple.  This is another excellent book in the Made Simple series, published by ReliabilityWeb.  During the interview, Doug not only provides insights into his book but also into what world class Preventive Maintenance looks like.   Anyone new to maintenance and reliability, or seasoned experts can benefit from this great book.  Without further delay, here is the interview with Doug.

James: It is my pleasure to interview a fellow Canadian.  Welcome Doug […]

What’s Stopping Your Organization from Improving?

A View From the Shop Floor on What is Preventing Improvement

137803138_2585a3df01_mI recently had a very interesting  discussion with a craftsman at a large automotive manufacturer.  During this discussion, he outlined a few of the issues he saw in his plant, and why they weren’t able to overcome them.

The craftsman indicated that he had been reading my previous posts and that it all made sense.  In fact, he stated, ” it is common sense, but we don’t have that here”.

His organization was unable to make the changes in a sustainable manner.   I […]

Guarantee Your Performance with Basic Care

Ensuring Your Equipment Is Maintained to a Basic Level of Care

When you hear the term basic care, what comes to mind?

32.I remember hearing a story of a brand new packaging line that was installed.  It operated at high OEE, delivering significant improvements over the old line.  Within 6 weeks, the line was running worse than the original one.   Finger pointing ensued, the OEM saying it was how it was maintained.  With the manufacturer saying it was a poor design.

A few weeks later, a prominent government official was scheduled to visit […]