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Taking a Lean Approach to PM Optimization

How You Have Your PMs Addressing The Right Issues, Make The Effective

In the previous articles, we looked at what type of analysis to use to evaluate the effectiveness of the PMs and if they are cost effective. Once the PMs have been optimized to ensure they are addressing the right failure modes, then they need to be made efficient. Below is an excerpt from a recent article in SMRP’s Solutions Magazine on how to make PM efficient using the lean tools.

PM Optimization is often thought of as an […]

The Top 3 Analysis Techniques To Use When Performing a PM Optimization

Performing a PM Optimization is not always as simple as it sounds.  Often a Maintenance Planner will assemble a team of technicians to ask what is value-added and what is missing from a PM Routine.   While these may be good questions to ask before diving into an analysis, or after an analysis, it does not base the answers on data.   Basing the PM Routine on data, not intuition is critical to the long-term success of any organization.

To perform a PM Optimization, there are three main types of analysis to focus on the […]

Establishing the Frequency of Failure Finding Maintenance Inspections

Preventing The Consequences Of A Hidden Failure From Devastating Your Organization.

Ever wonder how some of the worst industrial disasters occur?  It is usually the result of multiple failures.  Failure of the primary system and failure of the protective systems.   Ensuring the protective system(s) are not in a failed state should be of utmost importance to any organization.  But how often should we test the protective systems to ensure the required availability?

Establishing the correct frequencies of the inspection/ testing activities of these protective system(s) is critical to not only the success but safety […]