A look back at the past 100 posts and a look into the future

Over 2 years ago I decided to start writing about topics in Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management utilizing a weekly blog post.  This came about as I wanted to share my knowledge and information with the wider community, as my “mentors” did.   I use the term “mentors” as I consider many of the industry leaders as my informal “mentors”.  I learned from them through their articles and books and they became my “mentor” as I was starting out in my maintenance & reliability journey.

Now I have to admit, committing to writing a new post every week is a lot.  Deciding which topic to write about, performing research and finding the time to write it.  I have struggled to keep up at times with the demands of work and family.  I definitely owe much of the success to my wife (who supports me in everything) and my two young daughters (who inspire me every day).  They continue to support me and sometimes give up of some of their daddy time on Sunday so I can finish a post.

As I reflect back on the past 100 posts, I begin to realize the many ways the blog has impacted me.   As with new activities, you may not be aware of how it will impact you in the future.

What I Have Learned So Far

  • Increased my technical knowledge – As I research and explain a concept to other, my understanding becomes deeper.  Knowing a concept is one thing, teaching someone is a whole other ball game.
  • Meeting and connecting with the industry leaders – Since I launched the blog (and podcast), I have had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.  I have partnered with some and more importantly learned from their experience.

What The Blog Has Lead To

  • Podcast – the Rooted in Reliability podcast is another form and extension of the blog that is more accessible to many.  Interviews with industry experts have allowed us to easily share knowledge with many
  • Online course – I launched a Maintenance Planning & Scheduling course a year ago, and have been completely revamping it.  I will be expanding the course offerings shortly
  • In-person training – The blog has lead to Eruditio, LLC becoming an SMRP Approved Provider.  I have had the opportunity to provide courses in a public venue (which more are coming) and directly to organizations.
  • Consulting – Sharing knowledge has allowed me to provide consulting services to clients.  These clients have recognized their weaknesses and looked for help to make a sustainable improvement.

What I Need From You

Now in order to hit the next 100 blog posts, I do need a little from you;

  • Comment – Comment on the topics, ask questions, provider a counter view point.  Participate in the conversation and allow others to learn from you as well.   You can comment on LinkedIn or directly on the blog.
  • Recommend topics and formats – Let me know what topics you want covered, or what issue you are encountering.  Chances are if you are looking for information or dealing with a problem, others are.

What You Can Take Away From This

You can also take away something from this blog post…  try something new.  Whether it is learning a new topic, connecting with a thought leader, trying a different approach to solved a problem or trying a new way to lead a difficult person.  If you never try anything new, you will not grow and learn.   You never know where that first step will take you.

Remember, to find success, you must first solve the problem, then achieve the implementation of the solution, and finally sustain winning results.

I’m James Kovacevic
Eruditio, LLC
Where Education Meets Application