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Focus on the Important Issues, Not the Many Issues

Utilizing the Pareto Method to Prioritize Improvement Activities

There is limited time, money or resources in every maintenance department.  Sometimes you have 2 of the 3, sometimes just 1.  So how do you prioritize the items or issues that will have the biggest impact on your facility?  There is a simple, yet vital principle that can be used in your facility to determine which issues to focus on.  This principle started in a garden in Italy while studying peas…  This principle […]

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Learning from A Failure

Why Failing Can Be Good and What You Can Take Away from It.

CoachesHandWriting400Regardless of how good a maintenance & reliability program is setup and managed, there will be failures.  This is partly due to the maintenance program itself, where the focus is on the consequences of the failures, not the failures it self.   This approach allows most organizations to manage large facilities will a minimum of staff and cost.

But what should happen when something does fail?  Should we just carry on as usual since we avoided the consequences?  Absolutely not.  When […]

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Root Cause Analysis: The Key To Breaking The Reactive Cycle

Addressing The Root Cause Of Failures Will Unlock The Potential Of The Business

33. RCAYou walk into the plant on Monday morning.  You are immediately confront by the production manager stating “Press 201 is down.  The mechanics are saying it is the clutch again.”  You feel an overwhelming sense disbelief.  You ran overtime last weekend and replaced clutch at a cost of $30,000.   How is it the clutch is failing again?

This scenario may sound familiar.  It happens all the time, across many different industries and plants.  So what exactly happened? […]

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