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What Can You Do to Improve Reliability?

A Question & Answer Period with Fred Schenkelberg on the what can be done to improve the reliability of your operation.

5397530925_87102f74b2_zSo far in this series, we have had the opportunity to discuss the role of reliability engineering in today’s maintenance environments.  In this final post of the series, I had the opportunity to ask Fred Schenkelberg some questions related to this very topic.  Fred, with his years of experience, was able to provide some great insights to the role of reliability engineering, and […]

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Incorporating Reliability into Your Future

How Building Reliability Into The Equipment Design Will Dramatically Improve Your Profitability.

6191850831_876eee6baf_zOften time’s equipment is procured, setup and put into operation with a single focus on reducing the initial capital expenditure.  This can be a fatal mistake as the reliability of the equipment is built into the design of the equipment.  This called the inherent reliability.  Once the equipment is designed and installed, there is little the maintenance department can do to improve the inherent reliability.

With the inherent reliability low, the business struggles to meet its production goals, and either buys […]

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