Failure Reporting And Corrective Action System (FRACAS)

Using a System to Record, Report And Eliminate Defects

Why is that some organization seem to break the reactive cycle and others don’t?  After all most organizations have a PM program and some form of a planning and scheduling program right?   The key difference between those that do is their ability to use their failure data and systematically eliminate defects and issues from the processes and equipment.  This doesn’t mean adding a new PM everytime some fails, which just won’t work.

To eliminate the defects and issues, the organization needs to collect meaningful data to […]

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The Next Step in Your Failure Data

Improve your failure data to improve the speed and accuracy of your failure & reliability analysis.

24254846213_6b6950bbbd_mA few years into your reliability journey, you start to struggle to make the improvements you were able to when you first started.  Why is this?  You were able to systematically eliminate all of the low hanging fruit using the existing data in your CMMS.  But now you have to dig deeper to realize the improvements and that requires better data.

As Fred discussed in the previous post, A Mean Cumulative Failure Analysis can be another powerful tool […]