SMRP18 – Working Man’s iIoT with Kevin Clark

Whenever people talk about the iIOT or other advanced technologies, they are not considered as the tools the technicians at the shop floor can benefit from. The reason is that they are so complex that you need proper training to get the results that you need. But it is vital that such technologies and tools are made available to the people on the plant floor. They are the ones who can benefit the most from it as they spend all their time being close to the asset. Whenever a problem occurs, they can be just notified to take care of it.

In this episode, we covered:

  • How do you get all levels to view technology as a tool?
  • Why working men should have access to data?
  • Why change isn’t happening?


The reason that the technicians don t change their ways of doing things is that they have been doing their jobs that same way for a long time. If they don t understand the new way and new tools, they would never use it. That s why there s a serious need for them to have simpler and more efficient tools that would help them do their job in better and efficient ways. One of such tools is Fluke Connect. It is a simple cloud-based tool that notifies the technicians whenever there s something that needs fixing or checking into.

They are the working men who have access to the machines. So, they should also have access to that machine data that they would need to make a decision on maintaining the assets. Fluke Connect helps technicians identify the problem by using the sensors that are placed onto the parts of the equipment. They can see all that data collected by the sensors via Fluke Connect that is plugged into the system. There s a new version of this easily scalable tool that is called Fluke Connect 2. It actually keeps the technicians aware of all the progress that has been done based on the work requests.

Whenever there s something going on with the equipment, it triggers the alarm and that s how critical work requests are done. The main goal is to give the technicians direct access to the machine data so that the machines can tell them what to do. They would only be getting the work requests that they need to look into. They would have access to the information that they need and they will be able to predict and take care of things ahead of the critical timelines. Fluke is improving their technology very rapidly.

They plan to launch the new AI-based version of the tool very soon as they move forward. The new tool will be able to identify the data patterns based on different data and it will be able to give analysis reports in a much better and faster way than before. It might be a game changer for the technicians and their ways of doing things.

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