Football and Downtime Don’t Mix with Frederic Baudart

Cloud-based technologies have really improved data sharing. All you have to do is capture the data, transfer it to your smart phone, and then share it with anyone who need to know that information via cloud. It is a very efficient and secured way of sharing information that helps take smart measures in a matter of minutes anytime and anywhere. FLUKE provides such remote data monitoring solutions that have the ability to share asset data based on the performance and outputs. This data can include the operating conditions of the asset and the voltage variations that are recorded every minute.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Cloud-based technology helping data sharing!
  • Why large events need power monitoring?
  • How does the FLUKE 3540 work?
  • And much more!

The idea is to have a power monitoring solution in place for checking the condition of the asset at all times and then combine it with the sensor technology so that you will have the perfect package that your asset needs. The sensors can be put in place to use the power of vibration and it creates a very powerful broadcast solution for the condition-based monitoring of your assets. There are so many fields where the power is needed 24/7. Those kind of events and organizations have multiple backups in place because even a minute of no broadcast can cost them millions in revenue.

In these kind of events, you need a system that is way ahead for getting the power back on in case of an outrage in voltage or any power failure. That s why the organizations are using FLUKE connect 3540 and such remote solutions that not only allow you to share information instantly but also provide pre-emptive solutions that can save you time and money beyond measure. Then, you can trend this data to dive into the problems and devise solutions for your critical assets. You will have access to the data instantly and it will allows to bypass failure and switch to your backups.

This solutions can t be effective for every organization. The organizations need to know what they are trying to achieve from remote solutions such as these. It is not about the solution, it s about the data that the organization is going to capture and make decisions on the basis of that information available at hand. All you need is be familiar with the kind of technology you currently have, the kind of PM program you have in place, and what would you like on top of all that to improve everything.

It is a very powerful tool once you really dive into it when you know how to capture the right data at the right time and location. The successful organizations always start small, build test cases, and then take it from there. They can try different techniques and experiment with their procedures. Once they have successfully done that, they will always be ahead of time in noticing problems with their assets. It s all about staying up-to-date. You should have an asset criticality list in place to check notifications. You can t monitor everything. You need to start somewhere and then build on it.

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