Distance Learning and Coaching with Bill Leahy

Distance learning is becoming more trendy in the industry and is preferred by a lot of students especially the ones doing their Masters. The biggest reason that the students choose distance learning over traditional learning is because of the flexibility of the process. Due to this supreme advantage, anyone can get into an online course. It is particularly very advantageous for people who have jobs or need to take care of their families. It is really good for the parents who have limited time and need flexible study hours which distance learning provides. The institutions are becoming more inclined towards it these days.

In this episode, we covered:

  • What is distance learning?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning?
  • How to excel in distance learning?
  • And much more!

The next advantage that distance learning has is the overall cost of education. The material is in form of digital media rather than course books and some of the universities are fairly new to this. They provide promotional cost options for online students and cost is much cheaper as compared to the institutional learning that would have cost you a lot more than they provide online. There is a disadvantage of having to struggle with understanding a lot of material that you are not familiar with because you don t have a dedicated coach who can guide you through it.

Then the environment is not that intimate and hardly interact with your classmates. It can be really challenging at first but once you get through the initial struggling part and familiarize yourself with the process, it gets very easy in the end. All of that self-learning and efforts to establish a baseline pay off in the end. There are a few visiting hours that every coach has in place when students can visit them for personal guidance but it can be really challenging if you miss those specified time slots they have set in.

The operating process of online learning is way different than the real world but if you are able to solve through all of these problems, you end up learning way more effectively than you would learn if you had a coach that would train you about everything. Maintenance and reliability courses are more product oriented in distance learning and it is good to know the business side of things. A good coach always is there for you when you need their help. It is very important for a coach to establish that trust relationship with the coachee. Once they have done that, it becomes easy to go through the problems that no one would talk about otherwise.

The coachee should be able to ask for help when they need it and coach should be available to help them through the problems that their students are stuck in. Another advantage of distance learning is that you can work through things after repeated observations through the material. You don t need to ask your coach again and again when you don t understand something. There are a few areas that can be improved in distance learning such as interaction with the peers but it is a great way of education.

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