What is IIoT?

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  • What is IIoT?
  • What is the cloud?
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There are new emerging technologies that are helping organizations in the Maintenance and Reliability industry. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things are one of the hot topics out there. The part of IOT that is used for the industry best practices is called iIOT. When it comes to the Predictive Maintenance, iIOT and Augmented Reality are one of the best solutions in the Market. They might be suitable for organizations that have a legacy to live up to but the money that you invest in these data sensing technologies is worth everything.

Industrial internet of things is mostly based on the additional use of sensors and connected system of devices that is the global energy source behind this whole concept. It is hard to bring change when too many people are threatened by the use of AI. The organizations need to make their employees understand the benefits of AI and iIOT. These can not only help you invest your resources in the right way but also help you do things faster. Companies are investing in these technologies and it won t be long before they cut down the vast resources, have only a few data scientists, and maintain whole facilities with AI bases sensors.

The reason that only a handful of companies have been successful in implementing this new sensor technology is that they are not doing their basic reliability checks. The sensors can t just work and give you results just because you decided to install them. The sensor technology gives you additional information to help you assess the health of your old equipment. Not every sensor works fine with your old equipment so you can t just go about installing them as you want. It is a slow and progressive process that starts with the Shop floor in your plant.

You need to start by asking the technicians and engineers what problems they face on a regular basis? Once you know what the problems are, define them clearly so that everyone understands them. Then you can bring in the sensors to help you maintain that same old equipment that everyone is actually comfortable with. If you replace a whole facility with new equipment and install these new sensors without taking a step back; you are never going to be able to take full advantage of neither your equipment nor the sensors. Not every equipment needs additional sensors. The automated systems have hidden iIOT sensors that can help you gather the information you need.

It is true that you will still have to do the basic reliability work that you have been doing for ages. The advantage that you will have is access to information anywhere in the world. While the technology and AI help greatly in condition-based maintenance, there is always a need of Subject Matter Experts because they are the people who will help you make sense of things and help you generate ROI that you expect from the additional sensors. Just start small and then build up the data analysis process from there.

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