Oil Mist Lubrication with Heinz Bloch

Lubrication is one of the most important aspects in asset management and having a sophisticated tool for this purpose makes a real difference to facilitate an organization s lubrication program. This is where oil mist lubrication helps to achieve your lubrication goals. Its mechanism is based on creating a slightly pressured area that prevents moisture and other contaminants to enter into the bearing itself which also preserves the integrity of any vulnerable components as well as your lubricant. That s how oil mist lubrication differs greatly from the traditional lubrication as it effectively keeps your lubricant pure from contaminants in the air outside.

The points addressed in this podcast highlight:

  • Why is lubrication one of the most important aspects in asset management?
  • What are the benefits of this method?
  • What are the issues associated with lubrication?

Other benefits of this method include reduction in labor hours because you don t have to replace lubricant consistently and less failures due to intact bearing integrity which saves you a lot of time and money in the long run. It also results in better operating conditions for your machine and that greatly supports your reliability program throughout the facilities. The machinery uptime record for oil mist lubrication alone shows incredible results along with certain advantages that allow you to monitor condition of your machines and take preventive actions before a bearing or a pump failure occurs.

The only issue with this lubrication method is the cost associated with it usually because of the rewards you have to pay to the people working on this program. That cost can be adjusted if the organizations also implement this method for their electric motors that will save them countless labor hours over the period of time. It is a common practice in the organizations to bring in reliability engineers for their expertise when a program is well underway and something goes wrong or doesn t fit in the allocated resources for that specific program. When something like that occurs, a lot of time and resources are already wasted in the early stages.

A better practice would be to seek the advice and help of reliability engineers before the header systems are put in place and then organize the program properly within the budget limits. Letting the corporate politics in the way wouldn t help anyone and the program would become a messy and expensive endeavor after resources have been put into it without a detailed and well thought-out, strategic plan. There are a lot of resources out there to get you started with oil mist lubrication. Heinz Bloch himself has been associated with the program for a long time and has authored a couple of books on the topic.

He also has an upcoming book that would be more focused on strategic side of things for oil mist lubrication. He has great many resources to help you understand the basic as well advanced subject matter for the program. He along with his colleague, provides valuable coaching to help engineers get better at oil mist lubrication based on his extensive experience and proven record in the field. In the end, it all comes down to covering all the basics while designing and installing the system along with the expertise that an organization brings along with it.

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