Reliability Trends with Fred Schenkelberg

We re not invited on Oprah to talk about Maintenance Management Podcasts allow us to get insights from our peers.

In this episode, James once again interviews Fred Schenkelberg. Fred is the reliability expert at FMS Reliability, reliability engineering and management consulting firm he founded in 2004. Fred talks with us today about digital content and its role in the Reliability community.

We start by discussing the traffic levels on various topic posts and how the basics are still what attracts the most views and searches. Articles like Four Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies are getting roughly 4,500 views a month. 

Something ruminated on is the idea that these basics articles are still so popular. That higher-education is not preparing people for their fields -and while math and science are necessary to get the job done correctly, many of the relevant day-to-day skill sets and knowledge used in these industries are learned in practice and on the job.

In this episode we covered:

  • The Web Content Side of Reliability
  • The Benefits of Podcasts to Niche industries
  • Accendo and the creation of content Toolboxes

Basic and Fundamental Articles Dominate Traffic

There is a balance, however. While more advanced and complicated topics get fewer views, as the market for those forms of topics is generally smaller and speaks to a more advanced level manager, they do get more quality engagement. Discussions are more common and of a higher value on the articles and content that speak to a more advanced audience.

I d much rather have the engagement more than just the views or the article alone.

Figuring out these analytics is a bit more difficult for the podcast side of things. Generally speaking, interview formats seem to be the big winners in the podcast format. It is hard to know exactly what topics do better though since most interviews cover most topics.

Maintenance and management professionals don t exactly get invited on to Oprah, and Fred talks about how it is Podcasts like this are important both to help disseminate information on these subjects, but also to let people out there know they aren t alone in trying to overcome these issues. We re not invited on Oprah to talk about Maintenance Management Podcasts allow us to get insights from our peers.

Something Fred is working on is what James decided to coin as toolboxes that is select groupings of content that help people quickly grasp the concepts they need to, and to be pointed in the right direction for further learning. One idea for this is a form of annotated bibliography, but the issue is that Fred is trying to sort through thousands of pieces of content now to find the most relevant. 

Through Accendo he is offering the information for those who seek to continue to improve themselves.


More on Fred Schenkelberg

Fred has been on the Rooted in Reliability Podcast multiple times and has been a great asset to our show and the industry. His areas of expertise include reliability statistics, risk assessment, test planning, reliability program development, amongst many other things. He is considered an international authority in Reliability.

His firm FMS Reliability offers reliability education, training,  and reliability event production services.


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