197-Change from the Middle with Brandon Weil

Change from the Middle with Brandon Weil

For maintenance and reliability programs to be successful, often it will be championed by middle management. These are the people who interact and report on progress and challenges faced on the plant floor. Brandon Weil joins us on this episode to shed some light on how middle managers can contribute to productive change in an organization.

Key highlights from this episode are:

  • How often the drive from change comes from middle management
  • Strategies for influencing up and down the organization
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196-Reliability Trends with Fred Schenkelberg

Reliability Trends with Fred Schenkelberg

We re not invited on Oprah to talk about Maintenance Management Podcasts allow us to get insights from our peers.

In this episode, James once again interviews Fred Schenkelberg. Fred is the reliability expert at FMS Reliability, reliability engineering and management consulting firm he founded in 2004. Fred talks with us today about digital content and its role in the Reliability community.

We start by discussing the traffic levels on various topic posts and how the basics are still what attracts the most views and searches. Articles like

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195-Supportability with Lucas Marino

Supportability with Lucas Marino

Supportability entails matching the design and logistics requirements of an asset to its operational needs. When buying equipment, decision-makers are usually quick to base their decision on the upfront capital investment without weighing in the effects of continuous operational expenses. Other foregone considerations in valuing an asset can touch on areas like supply chain requirements, equipment obsolescence, personnel training, configuration management and environmental impacts.  Lucas joins us on this episode to help create an understanding of supportability.

Some of the important insights include:

  • Differentiating supportability and reliability
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194-The Importance of Installation with Chris Greene

The Importance of Installation

“How we install the equipment, will dictate how it will operate.

In this episode, James interviews Chris Greene. Chris helps us to understand how the correct installation of equipment will set the stage for optimal operational quality and longevity.

In this episode we covered:

  • The correct operation of a machine involves installing it correctly.
  • The industry as a whole has used the installation as a place to cut costs.
  • Proper installation makes a big difference in quality, costs, and life-span.
  • Benefits of documentation.
  • Use manufacturer standards.

Chris Greene is currently a technical trainer with Ludeca and has spent […]

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193-Empowering RES with Automation

Empowering RES with Automation

Industry 4.0 is here to stay. Organizations are now getting their feet wet in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning as a way of increasing their output. However, aa good number of these companies have their projects stuck at the pilot stage, either due to inadequate management support, or simply communicating value to other departments. AJ Alexander walks us through the understanding of why this is a good time to start pilots and stimulate their growth.

Important highlights include:

  • Understanding the type and stage of data for Machine […]
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