192-DIKDAR with Paul Daoust

DIKDAR with Paul Daoust

In maintenance and reliability industry, soft skills are just as important as the hard skills. When you are faced with uncertain and complex situations, it becomes difficult to make good decisions. That s why it comes in handy if you are good at critical thinking and can perform better under pressure as compared to your peers. Some organizations have competitive environment and they have limited resources to deploy for different programs. In these cases, they need to identify and put certain activities in place that would help their employees make the best use of those scarce resources.

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191-Effective Maintenance Procedures with Ricky Smith

Effective Maintenance Procedures with Ricky Smith

Over the years, maintenance procedures have become a bore for many plant operators. They are likely to be clunky documentation that is choppy with instruction and referring to another document – the manual. Effective maintenance procedures should consider that our attention span today is shorter than ever. They need to be short, clear and to the point. 

Ricky of World Class Maintenance shares tips on how we can implement effective maintenance procedures. Key highlights of the show are: 

  • Why maintenance procedures are necessary
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190-How to Start a Vibe Program with Jesus Sefonte

How to Start a Vibe Program with Jesus Sefonte

Even though the vibration analysis has been around for a long time, there are very few organizations that use it. Machinery vibration is the study of the behavior of rotating machinery for detecting faults based on the monitoring of different machinery components using vibration signals. All the rotating machines vibrate either in a good or bad way and vibration analysis is the best way to predict machinery behavior by making it part of your predictive maintenance program. It helps you access machinery health, predict failures, and do corrective actions when needed. So, […]

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189-Lubrication with Sanya Mathura

Lubrication with Sanya Mathura

In mechanical fields like automotive, oil and gas, power generation and aviation industries, lubricants play a  critical role in maintaining equipment reliability. They consist of both oils and grease. 

In this episode, Sanya Mathura of Sustainable Reliability Solutions shares her thoughts on why and how organizations can foster an active approach to lubrication. 

The episode highlights are:

  • Why organisations should be concerned about lubrication
  • How to identify degradations in lubricants
  • Common types of lubricant degradation
  • The impact of […]
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188-Thermal Growth with Daus Studenberg

Thermal Growth with Daus Studenberg

When a machine heats up and starts expanding in all the directions is simply called the thermal growth. When it actually comes to understanding it, it means that you are dealing with machinery movement and that can cause misalignment in the machine. Also, your alignment is only as good as your target. If your machine starts moving and you have a bearable misalignment in the off-set condition, you will allow that bear minimum of misalignment in your machine deliberately in that condition. So, before you detect thermal growth, you need to have a correct target in […]

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