Reliability Catch Up with Fred

Reliability Catch Up with Fred

Reliability and Maintenance industry changes very fast. The organization always enlist the help of consultants when their assets are failing. The reason why it doesn t work sometimes is because the companies don t know what they are looking for. Before you go about hiring some consulting firm, you need to have some certain information for them to begin with. Once you know what the problem is and what is it that you are trying to accomplish, it becomes easier for consultants to help you with overcoming failures and stopping them in the first place. You […]

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Unsung Heros of Reliability with Ryan Chan

Unsung Heros with Ryan

With the kind of data that technicians collect in the field on a daily basis, it is very hard to note down everything. What they usually do is they go into the shop, perform some routine repairs and then come back to their desks to note everything they have encountered. Even if they manage to note down every single thing into their notebook or whatever paperwork they have available to them, they have to move around a lot and hassle through data every time they leave their position to go into the shop and then, come back.

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FRACAS with Brandon Weil

FRACAS with Brandon Weil

With changing technology in the reliability and maintenance industry, the best practices are always changing in order to improve the overall reliability for the long term. Failure reporting analysis and corrective action system or FRACAS is one of the best tools towards just achieving that goal. It is a process for collecting failure history, analyzing it for patterns, getting to root causes, implementing the corrective actions and then, monitoring the results of those actions. So, it is basically the collection of all the other reliability processes merged into one. In order for this to work, you can […]

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Bearing Isolators with Chris and Woody

Bearing Isolators with Chris and Woody

One of the major reasons of bearing failure is the operating conditions of the machine. That s why bearing isolators are used to keep the bearing separate from the external environment. It is a type of seal that helps keep bearing and the oil free from contamination. There are several different types of bearing isolators. The major categories are contacting or mechanical which have been used for rotating equipment for a long time and non-contacting seals that are used for dynamic purposes and consistent performance. The latter type has a long life because those are […]

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161 PdM Survey with Tom Wilk

PdM Survey with Tom Wilk

Predictive maintenance is a continuous activity and it is really hard to drive PdM program success without having a clear set of goals and a vision that everyone understands. The industry trends for reliability and maintenance are changing fast and so are the organizations that want to keep up with the new technology. The results of PdM Survey from 2017 to 2018 show that the type of technology that a company uses effects its reliability program on a larger scale. In this survey, the participants were asked questions about the type of technology being used in […]

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