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Hey, Maintenance Planner! Do You Know What to Report on in Weekly Meetings?

As an Enterprise Maintenance Planner, you manage the backlog, provide a maintenance schedule, liaise with Maintenance and Operations, maintain excellent knowledge of the facility and its equipment, and find ways to optimize productivity. Phew! That’s no small to-do list.

Every day, you’re working hard to:

  1. Keep the backlog as low as possible
  2. Keep downtime to a minimum
  3. Manage an organized working schedule
  4. Successfully communicate updates to Operations and Maintenance
  5. Work towards many other tasks and goals too!

But that’s the big picture. On a weekly basis, what are you doing to ensure the right people […]

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The 5 Levels of Maintenance Scheduling

Making Maintenance Scheduling Simple

16. Maintenance Scheduling

Coordinating all of the maintenance activities within a site can be overwhelming. A schedule is supposed to help reduce the sense of being overwhelmed. But why is it that when trying to pull together a schedule for the next shift, day or week, it always seems to be a mad dash?

Often times the maintenance scheduling process is not well defined or thought out, and this leads to being overwhelmed. It also projects an image to our operational partners that we do not have our house in […]

The Black Hole of Maintenance: The Backlog

Where Maintenance Requests Go, But Never Appear to Escape From; The Backlog.

15. The Blackhole of Maintenance - June 22, 2015 Steve Jurvetson

This is exactly what some operations staff think of when we tell them to submit a work request. It means that they do not think that the work will be completed, or it will after it no longer matters to them.

What if you called the cable company and reported an issue? You would expect prompt service, and would expect that you would not have […]

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Planning for Profitability

How Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Can Improve Your Profitability

13. Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Seattle Municipal Archives

What if you could improve your maintenance department to the point where you increase the efficiency and the amount of work completed of your department by 80%? Would this be something that interests you? A properly setup and managed Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Program can enable that type of success and enable your operation to plan for profitability.

This type of increase in efficiency may seem farfetched, but it can be achieved. The typical maintenance department operates […]

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