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The Inner Workings of a Storeroom

What Processes are Required to Make Your Storeroom Run Smoothly

qtq80-UG9PgzIf you have invested the time to layout the storeroom correctly, and gather the right data, you are on the right track to a successful storeroom.  However, if you don’t take the time to map the various processes in the storeroom, and hold staff to those processes, the work is done so far will be a waste.

When processes are mapped and responsibilities defined, the staff know who does what when.  This eliminates unnecessary communication and work, enabling more time to do what is required. […]

Developing a Stocking Strategy

A Risk-Based Approach to Spares Management

I want you to image a storeroom.  Really, close your eyes and think about a storeroom with;
  • No access control
  • Stocking 2 years worth of electrical boxes
  • No naming system for parts
  • A kitting shelf with parts received 3 years ago
  • Parts in stock from equipment that was removed 8 years prior
  • V-belts dry rotted on the shelf, corroded valves, and bearings out of their packaging
  • Anyone could stock a part in the control room

Does this sound familiar?  Unfortunately, it is all too common in […]

The Importance of Master Data in Spare Parts Management

Enabling Storeroom Success Through Data

DataHow often does your facility run out of raw materials?  Chances are it is not very often, if ever.  Why is this?  It may be because the organization has invested heavily in gathering the right data, analyzing and developing contracts for the materials.  This prior work ensures a steady supply of materials.

So why is it that within the same organization there is virtually no data to support the spare parts?  Not having a spare part can dramatically impact an organization in the same way as not having raw […]

Storeroom & Spare Parts Management

Unlocking the Hidden Cash Flow in Your Organization

qtq80-rLnKL0Imagine not have the right spare parts to make a repair, or maybe you don’t have to imagine it.  It has already happened.   Now imagine having to go through the storeroom and throw out $300,000 worth of parts because they were obsolete.  Once again, you may not have to imagine it.

These two scenarios play out every day in storerooms across the world.  It is an unfortunate situation as the organization is not getting the value from the upfront capital of the spare parts or […]