Speaking the Same Maintenance & Reliability Language

The Importance of Understanding the Terms and Definitions of the Maintenance & Reliability Language

4759535950_7bca6684c8_zImagine being asked to discuss a breakdown during a production meeting.  Only you are not aware of a breakdown, but production is claiming there was one and it could have been prevented by some Preventative Maintenance.  You ask what equipment the breakdown was on and check the records.   The records show there was a minor corrective action on the equipment last night, but not a breakdown.

After some discussion, the production manager explains that there was a […]

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Guarantee Your Performance with Basic Care

Ensuring Your Equipment Is Maintained to a Basic Level of Care

When you hear the term basic care, what comes to mind?

32.I remember hearing a story of a brand new packaging line that was installed.  It operated at high OEE, delivering significant improvements over the old line.  Within 6 weeks, the line was running worse than the original one.   Finger pointing ensued, the OEM saying it was how it was maintained.  With the manufacturer saying it was a poor design.

A few weeks later, a prominent government official was scheduled to visit […]

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