Change Management

Using Governance & Accountability To Improve

How to Drive Performance Improvements in your Organization

Oftentimes, plans and strategies are developed and implemented.  Many times the implementation is handed off and the team left on their own to implement.  And many of the times, the implementation fails or the results are not delivered.

Why is this?  It is because there is a lack of governance and accountability.  These are more than just words.  They are a system, process and a sense of ownership throughout the organization to ensure that the plan is implemented and any roadblocks are dealt with.

What is Governance?

Governance can be […]

What’s Stopping Your Organization from Improving?

A View From the Shop Floor on What is Preventing Improvement

137803138_2585a3df01_mI recently had a very interesting  discussion with a craftsman at a large automotive manufacturer.  During this discussion, he outlined a few of the issues he saw in his plant, and why they weren’t able to overcome them.

The craftsman indicated that he had been reading my previous posts and that it all made sense.  In fact, he stated, ” it is common sense, but we don’t have that here”.

His organization was unable to make the changes in a sustainable manner.   I […]

How to Sustain the Culture Change

The key to keeping a culture change from going back

24254846213_6b6950bbbd_mOne of the reasons that culture changes fail to change and stay that way is because there is nothing put in place to sustain it.  When there is no plan to sustain the change, it will be a flavor of the week and revert back to the old ways.  This is the final installment of a series on culture change and if you haven’t already, please go to the first post and start there.

So how do you sustain a change once […]

The Actions To Accelerate Your Culture Change

Hit the ground running and embed the culture change to achieve maximum results

411538721_d3ddee4f4e_mYour culture change has a plan, it has the right people in place, and you are ready to roll it out.  Your change stands a better chance of success than most change programs as you have a plan with the right people.   Sometimes changes fail because the change is not embedded quickly, people lose interest and go back to their old ways.  If you haven’t already, please start at the beginning of the series with the warning signs that […]

Getting the Right People on the Bus and In the Right Seats

A guide to ensuring your department will support your reliability culture

10482805973_5a98406a42_mPeople are the heart of any maintenance reliability program and they have the ability to make the program succeed or fail.  This is why managing the change to reliability culture is critical.  We covered a few of the key pieces to change management in the previous post .  But sometimes, not matter what change management technique(s) you use, the change may not be successful.

Why?  You need the right people on the team and in the right positions.  In the book […]