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The Importance of Documentation in Precision Maintenance

Why Proper Documentation Will Lead to Sustainable Improvements

Imagine being able to look back and see what settings the equipment was last ran at for a particular SKU. Or being able to look back at the last three alignment inspections and see that slowly the alignment is drifting. What could you do with this type of information? You could perform Root Cause Analysis to see why the alignment is drifting, or trend the drifting to know when it will be out of acceptable tolerances.

Having the right information is critical to making informed decisions […]

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What is Precision Maintenance?

Precision Maintenance May Be The Key To Unlocking Reliability

Why is it that some individuals perform a PM Routine and always find something and others don’t? And why is that when some individuals perform a rebuild or overhaul, the equipment struggles to start and return to steady state? The answer comes down to how detailed the individuals are during the maintenance activity. But how can this be overcome with such a wide range of individuals in the maintenance team? The answer is precision maintenance

What […]

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Plant Hexcellence™ – Proactive Maintenance

“Ensuring our Assets are managed in the most cost effective manner”

Proactive maintenance is key to successful organizations’ long-term strategies for managing costs and equipment.  Using modeling, analyses and audits in conjunction with proactive maintenance measures can ensure smoother operations, resulting in less downtime and money saved.

Proactive maintenance is usually reserved for those organizations who have worked their way up from being reactive and fire fighting. […]

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The 7 Steps to Proper Machinery Alignment

How to Ensure Your Assets are Installed to Prevent Premature Failure

How many times has an asset been installed or commissioned, only to have it fail in a few days or months when it should have lasted even longer?  If you look at the study by Nowlan & Heap, they have found that only 11% of failures are age related, so when is happening with these assets?  The answer… comes down to poor installation practices.

There have been a […]

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Taking Lubrication to The Next Level with Acoustic Lubrication

Using Acoustic Lubrication Techniques to Provide the Right Amount of Grease at The Right Time

Every Thursday a mechanic grabs the grease gun and proceeds perform a lube route.  Throughout the route, the mechanic pushes the grease gun onto the zerk and pumps grease into the bearing housing.  Below the housing, there is a trail of grease leading to a small pile of old grease.   The mechanic proceeds to the next machine and attempts to lubricate a bearing.  However, no matter how hard […]

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