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Welcome to High Performance Reliability

Over the past decade, we’ve all seen the havoc that has crippled our economy. Wages have been cut, jobs have been lost, and manufacturers closed their doors by the thousands.

Profit was razor thin and in the 11th hour the companies who survived the economic crash were not those who cut hundreds or thousands of employees off the pay roll, but the companies that were dedicating to optimizing there processes and providing their employees with the necessary disciplines and training to stabilize and sustain.

High Performance Reliability was built on the beliefs that a profitable and stable reliability & maintenance culture is an educated reliability & maintenance culture. We provide an online toolbox full of real world tips, techniques, and training your business can implement to achieve world-class efficiency and bring profit back to industry.

We cover every aspect of the reliability & maintenance process depending on your specific needs. From core fundamentals that will allow your organization to build a solid maintenance foundation, to the advanced techniques that have been refined over 12+ years of real-world experience on the shop floors by our founder James Kovacevic, MMP, CMRP

Who Is High Performance Reliability

High Performance Reliability is focused on bringing profitability to manufacturers, ensuring jobs and prosperous communities.

To make industry a better place; where individuals and manufacturers possess the resources, knowledge, and courage to sustainably lower their operating costs through best in class Maintenance, Reliability and Asset  Management best practices.

We are guided by a simple philosophy: that High Performance Reliability occurs when people are engaged, processes are embedded and technology is embraced to provide unique solutions aligned with the business needs and goals.
Our promise is to exceed your expectations in every aspect of business, we will not be satisfied unless you achieve the results you desire.  We will do everything in our power to improve the profitability of your operation.

Our Crazy Skills

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling 90
Spare Parts Management 95
Equipment Strategy Development 85
People Development 75
Asset Management Assessments 85
Asset Management Plans 85
Asset Integrity 90

Meet Our Team

James Kovacevic
James KovacevicFounder & Principal Consultant
James is a trainer, speaker, and consultant that specializes in bringing profitability, productivity, availability, and sustainability to manufacturers around the globe.

Through his career James has made it his personal mission to make industry a profitable place; where individuals and manufacturers possess the resources, knowledge and courage to sustainably lower their operating costs.

Focused on providing the discipline and training needed to strengthen reliability, maintenance management, asset management, as well as strategy and implementation.

James is both a PEMAC and SMRP certified maintenance professional, as well as a Certified Asset Management Assessor.

Ali Bashir
Ali BashirSenior Consultant
Ali is Registered Professional Engineer with Masters in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. He has 11 years’ expertise in Maintenance and Reliability, Asset Management System, Business Process Optimization and Operational Excellence. Ali has implemented several Asset Management Systems and Reliability Improvement Programs through effective implementation of business processes, performance management practices, training and cross functional integration with other core business functions. Some of the key achievements have been optimization of capital and operational expenses through asset management initiatives, improvement asset productivity and uptime, development of contractor management methodology, implementation of maintenance and reliability business process improvements, development of performance management programs for asset management, implementation of asset management strategies, plans and procedures.

His core competency lies within the maintenance and reliability world, specifically, RAM modeling, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Asset Criticality Assessments, CMMS implementation, Asset Master Data Management, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), etc. Ali has helped several clients within the Oil and Gas, Mining and Manufacturing industries to achieve operational excellence through effective asset management practices.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As you know I have learned a lot since I met you and definitely understand what the role of a Planner is.

The Planners training allowed me to see what others are doing to meet World Class. It helped me to grasp what a well-planned job requires.

I saw how the complete planning process flows from the SAP standpoint and how all aspects of the jobs are captured from notification to reporting.

This experience has helped me to be more effective in my role, which is essential to the business goals and keeping the equipment reliable.

I have also been able to support my team members more effectively and cut out some of the wasted time during jobs.

Kirk T - Maintenance Planner
The visit in December was also beneficial to our site. Having the complete team understand what each role plays in the department helped in clearing up any gray areas.

We were able to lay out what was being done and find the gaps. We have since made several changes to our procedures to include implementing the PM Review, Daily Prioritization, and also some changes to the Planning & Scheduling Meetings.

Our focus has been to create BOM’s, Task Lists, Maintenance Plans, Stores Management, and Cost Reporting. The crafts are now entering comments on WO close outs as well.

They are also now entering work notifications from PM’s they perform with recommendations for further repairs needed.

A project plan is being developed from all the findings to help us make the continued journey. There is no doubt in my mind that I can successfully be an asset in my role.
I want to thank you for the confidence you helped me to gain in this role, truly knowledge is power.

John S - Maintenance Planner
James is one of the best resources globally and a subject matter expert in anything related to Maintenance & Reliability. He utilizes his skillset to bring real solutions to our operation and improve our performance. Here’s a few examples: i) In 2014 he helped a site create their Plan to improve their asset care program. A recent audit confirmed they improved by 10 points. James completed his intervention with the site by building their roadmap to World class over the next 2 years. ii) James initiated a workshop between maintenance planners and conducted WebEx between maintenance storerooms from each location to standardize best practices. As a result we’ve seen an increase in planned maintenance activities and a $1M in cost savings or cost avoidance in our spare part purchases. Thank you James!
Gerald P - VP of Operations


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