The 7 Steps to Proper Machinery Alignment

How to Ensure Your Assets are Installed to Prevent Premature Failure

How many times has an asset been installed or commissioned, only to have it fail in a few days or months when it should have lasted even longer?  If you look at the study by Nowlan & Heap, they have found that only 11% of failures are age related, so when is happening with these assets?  The answer… comes down to poor installation practices.

There have been a […]

The 10 Steps to a Successful Ultrasound Program

How to Ensure Maximum Results From Your Program

How many times has your organization purchased equipment without fully understanding where, when and how it will be deployed?  I can’t count the number of organizations that I have gone into and see vibration, thermography, ultrasound or other tech sitting on a shelf still in a box, or covered in dust.  This equipment was purchased to deliver improvements in reliability, often at a significant cost, and is not delivering those results.

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Taking Lubrication to The Next Level with Acoustic Lubrication

Using Acoustic Lubrication Techniques to Provide the Right Amount of Grease at The Right Time

Every Thursday a mechanic grabs the grease gun and proceeds perform a lube route.  Throughout the route, the mechanic pushes the grease gun onto the zerk and pumps grease into the bearing housing.  Below the housing, there is a trail of grease leading to a small pile of old grease.   The mechanic proceeds to the next machine and attempts to lubricate a bearing.  However, no matter how hard […]

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Utilizing Ultrasound in Condition Monitoring

Understanding the various applications of ultrasound

When a maintenance person hears the word ultrasound, they immediately think of air leaks.  While ultrasound is good at finding leaks involving compressed gases (air, steam, nitrogen, CO2, etc.), it can do much more.   If you look at a typical P-F curve, you will that ultrasound enables organizations to find defects further up the curve, even more so than vibration analysis.   How many maintenance staff knows that? Combine the ease of use, cost effective and the early detection ability […]

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